Primitive Bark
Unprotected | Imperfect | Awesome
surface grain:
Full Grain
1.1 - 1.3 mm
special effects:
Aniline with Wax and Oil, Distress Effect
finish origin:
hide size:
50 square feet (approximate)
A (View our Leather Protection Guide for further instructions)


Note: Natural Color will vary by hide. Remember that a swatch is a general representation of the leather's color and texture, not an exact match. Scars, marks, and branding are not flaws but rather are proof of authenticity. Expect color variation.


DESCRIPTION: The wild dimension and the close link to the animal's life emerge powerfully from the primitive surface of this leather with its robust consistency and aged look. It is a pure aniline leather treated with oil and waxes that are melted at high temperatures to make the edges and the more open grain areas darker, accentuating the worn look. The natural signs of the animal's life become inescapable connotations, unique and different from hide to hide, testimony of a story written by nature that time conserves unchanged. Primitive does not fear wear; it is its distinctive mark. #expectcolorvariation